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The World Through The Eyes of a Sober Person- First experience with plant medicine (San Pedro)

Posted on May 2, 2017 at 7:00 AM

The way this entire experience transpired had to be documented… I’ll go back in time just a little. I am going to do this in 2 parts as to serve both parts of the story equally. The way it came together and the journey itself.

So, I have had my conscious awareness on plant medicine ceremonies for quite some time. Having had many conversations with friends over the years about their experiences with San Pedro and Ayahuasca I was intrigued, yet not pushing for it. I knew it would come when I was ready.

Having experience with mushrooms many years ago, and more recently a DMT experience I was just waiting for things to align for this doorway to open for me. And about 6 weeks ago it did just that.

It was a Sunday arvo and I was at work when all of a sudden I felt the urge to reach out to a few people and ask if they had any experience with San Pedro and Kava. One friend in particular had not heard about either of them. However, it was a timely question for me to ask I found out later.

That following week I connected with another friend who had a ton of cacti at his home and said ‘Come over and check them out and we’ll chat’. So I did, and the main thing I took out of the conversation was that when you are ready and the plant is ready for you, it will all transpire before you even consciously know it, like any co-creating or manifesting process which I’m quite familiar with already. I didn’t realize how true this would be from the plant medicine perspective also….

So about a week and a half later I received a phone call from the original friend saying ‘Dude, you’ll never guess what happened. I was in a spiritual store having a healing session when the dude asked me if I’ve ever had experience with San Pedro or Kava! He is running a sacred plant medicine ceremony at the end of the month and I’m going!’ We were both floored. I replied that I’d have to check my work schedule and let him know but I’d love to do it if I can. We left it at that. I was thinking it wouldn’t happen due to the timing. It of course then got delayed and turned out to be perfect.

It was a Sunday a couple weeks after that my wife, son and I went to the same spiritual store my friend had been and I saw the plant medicine ceremony upcoming dates written on the wall. It wasn’t when it was supposed to be and was actually pushed back a couple of weeks, which meant it landed in the middle of my 2 week holidays. When these things arise, they are for a reason. Carl Jung called these experiences ‘Synchronicities’ and believed they are more than just chance coincidences. I too believe this….

So the weekend and the time to traverse this path arrived and I was ready. I had no real expectations, which I knew was important. Yet I also had another equally important tool. My intent for the experience. This is everything in life and if you trace intent back to the point it began there are teachings you can’t even imagine……

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