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You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.

-Eckhart Tolle

I am Christian. I am a father, a son, a brother, a husband, a friend.

I am kind, and I am cruel. I am dark and I am light. I am a worrier and I am a warrior. I am a student and I am a teacher.

I am a musician, I am an explorer, I am a lover and I am a fighter. I am big heart, I am big mind. I am....

I've learned many lessons, made many mistakes.

I've been sober for 8 years, battled mental ill-health, I've self harmed and later self healed. . .

spent many years running from myself, and many years trying to find myself.

I've followed traditional paths, and alternative paths, searching for meaning, searching for more.

I've done the research, the courses, the workshops, the personal development, the qualifications, taken the medications, stopped the medications.

I've forged my own way, my own path, taken what I have learned and taught others.

Been in the gutter and got myself out.

So what brought me here to this point in time?

I have spent a good portion of my life searching for insights into the way people move through this world, how they do so and why. My fascination with this subject allowed me to take on the role of the observer during much of my life as I was able to contrast the conscious and unconscious behaviour playing out in every situation due to the conditioning and previous experiences of each person and try and make sense of it within myself. I organically learned a lot about compassion and empathy as I was able to identify with individuals behaviour and the potential 'why?'.

But it wasn't until my teenage years that I was forced to look really deeply within myself at the often avoided darkness that reflection sometimes simply cannot provide. I had to turn inward and really journey below the surface....

At about 15 I was thrust into an incredibly dark place for many years where I had to confront and move through the very scary and confronting shadow aspects of myself. This lead me to incredibly insightful awareness as I moved into a deeper understanding of the nature of co-creation and how I was in charge of the very circumstances I was experiencing through a circular process. I discovered that the only way to change my situation was to change myself. This profound realisation came after years of suffering and internal and external abuse I would inflict on myself....

I went down a very dark and lonely path which included an existence built on a foundation of isolation, suicidal ideations, self harm, drugs, alcohol, medicating and complete loss and confusion. I was in the darkest hole I've experienced and wanted to leave this planet many times because the sheer weight of my own self was too much at times for me to handle. However I now am able to appreciate the depths of those experiences as a tool for incredibly deep learning, tireless development and transformation as I was able to come out the other side with incredible insight and references for the work I do now.

Nothing is ever permanent, everything is temporary....  

My qualifications and experience

For the past 10 years I have dedicated much of my time working on my own personal and spiritual development through workshops, trainings, online coaching programs, books and mastermind groups by some of the worlds best. I've also undertaken an ever deepening spiritual practice which has allowed me to explore and experiment.

I have also been working in the Community Services sector as a teacher, 1:1 Support Worker, Group Facilitator, Support Coordinator, and Case Manager to people with disabilities, mental health issues, substance abuse issues, the homeless, and people engaged in the justice system.

During this time I have gained qualifications in mental health, drugs and alcohol, community services, training and assessment, case management, counselling & psychotherapy, holistic counselling, NLP & hypnosis, Compass Navigator and meditation group facilitator.